Mifo O5 Professional Balanced Armature [2023] Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

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Rapid charging provides an long lasting 100 hours of active use battery life.


Enjoy your earbuds with long lasting battery up to 6 hours, all day long!

VER 5.0

Up to 12 meters of distance with no distortion and perfectly synchronized zero drop signal.


Waterproof nanocoating protects from rain, sweat, and even full submersion under water.


Environment Noise Cancelling, separate mics to process the clear audio quality during calls.


Environment Noise Cancelling, separate mics to process the clear audio quality during calls.

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Struan Mockford
OK but have a flaw

Main problem with these is bluetooth signal strength. It's terrible and almost unusable. Ive tried with flagship samsungs and i phones and same issue. Drops out badly. I purchased a new phone and got free samsung buds 2 and the Samsungs are vastly better.
Bass level is very disappointing from the 05 professionals also. I don't expect heavy bass but there is literally no bass or very little. Samsung buds 2 have much better signal strength (never drop out no matter which pocket my phone is in) and much better bass. 05 pros have better mids, just.

Fixing a problem with Mifo 05 earbuds

I think I was able to solve the problem with my Mifo earbuds. Lots of people on internet had same problem.

One or both earbuds not working / not working properly.

Always seemed that they weren’t getting charged - in spite of being in the charging case.

This is a phenomenon I have seen before in cheap flashlights and in remote controls.

An invisibly thin layer of oxidation is hindering proper electrical contact.

I used some tarnish-removing product and also used a Q-Tip (carefully) on the contacts on the earbuds, as well as the contacts in the charging case.

I put them in to charge for a few hours.

They worked well initially, and have continued to work well since then.

It could be that something in their design makes them susceptible to oxidation on contacts. It seems there is a problem with this specific model.

Chris Gibb

If I compare the sound to the AirPods Pro. The sound is dull. Somewhat disappointed

Love them

I've worn them while working outside as a landscaper for nearly 3 years, I've worn them in the shower and they're still going strong. Absolutely love them.

John B
Mifo O5 Professional 2022

Mifo has the best sounding earbuds hands down, loving my new Mifo O5 Professional’s.

Klaus Fallmann
Mifo O5 Professional [2022] Balanced Armature Smart True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds 05

Terrific earbuds absolutely thrilled with them.Fit well, easy to control, great sound and long lasting battery.
Would highly recommend

O5 blue tooth ear buds

Received my ear buds and started by connecting the charging case to electic using the included USB C cable. After being in charging mode over night I removed the ear buds and paired them to my MP3 player. Listened for about an hour and heard the "battery low please charge on time" message. I put the ear buds back in the charging case.Since the first use every time I remove the right ear bud I immediately hear the message "battery low please charge on time" followed by the message "powered off". I purchased these from the Mifo Store which advertises 100 hours of listening time. I get no listening time so I will be requesting either a refund or replacement.

Benson Buu Duong
Loving my Mifo 5 earbuds

I've been using the Mifo 05 earbuds for over 7 months. It's such a great accessory for the price tag. No issues since inception. Well done, Mifo!

Vladimir Mihaylov
MiFo 05 Pro

Staring positive, shall we?
Nice pair of plugs, overall. Awesome noise cancellation, light design, loving that metal feel to it although there is plastic. Battery life is, as you know already, not 100 hours but it’s close enough and more than one should ever need. Pairing seems to work fine so far 🤞

Now the downside though…
Charging cable provided hardly plugs in. Looks like something you can buy at a pound store.
The idea of having two buttons is nice, however if it took 2 years to perfect these and that’s what they came up with this…it kinda seems like a waste. You really have to press down in your ear to use a button and well, it doesn’t feel comfortable most of the time, especially given how tiny they are. “The most advanced earplugs” should know better.

I would recommend after all, it’s a great piece and despite the small flaws it fits perfectly and provides for an awesome listening experience.

Norm Place
Recommend without Hesitation

As my first set of earbuds (been a headphone user till now) the sound is exceptional. Earbuds are small, light, comfortable, and feel solid.
No trouble pairing with iphone, tv or laptop. Recommend without hesitation.

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