Mifo The Most Advanced Wireless TWS Earbuds


by Abi Para on Oct 17, 2019


Top of all the impressive features is its excellent battery life. Compared to other TWS devices within the price range of these wireless earbuds, the Mifo 05 has the best battery life. After all, each earbud has a built-in battery of 60mAh. What this means is that your earphones will last over 7 hours after a complete charge. This time is even better than that of the Airpods, which last for about 5 hours.

That’s not all! To complement this, the charging base of the Mifo 05 wireless earphones possess a battery of 2600mAh. This capacity supports more than 15 times of charging. Not to worry, its charging base can last for 100 hours. So you get to enjoy your workouts and scale through long trips with high-quality sound.